Twenty years of experience in development and delivery of Microsoft software training, Adobe software training, and business soft skills curriculum. Uses innovative teaching practices, supported by information technology, to instruct students in proficiency of computer software and business skills. Possesses an understanding of the value of technology literacy and the benefits it brings to education and business. Recognizes the need for students to become technologically savvy in order to remain dynamic members of the information age and culture.


Possesses excellent public speaking and communication skills. Has delivered training material for over 20,000 US and International students. On a 1 – 10 scale, accumulative evaluations from students average 9.98. Considered friendly and courteous by peers. Can administer guidance and offer good sound judgment. Has ability to supervise and is self-motivated. Reliable and dedicated with good analytical skills. Understands and stays current with technology. A team builder with professional integrity and business ethics. Has a heart for working with peers and students in collaborating to reach goals.


•  “Wonderful.  Very pleasant to listen to and

    very patient with everyone. Very passionate

    and dedicated to her work”


•  “Mrs. Batson was a wonderful instructor. She

    was energetic, friendly, very knowledgeable,

    and extremely helpful. I would recommend

    her to everyone wanting to take this course.

    I look forward to having the opportunity to

    work under her instruction at a later time.”


•  “Deborah (WOW) what a great instructor.

    She was so thorough and patient with

    everyone.  She encouraged the class

    continuously.  I will be back for more

    training courses with her.”



210 East Bowers Road, Travelers Rest, SC 29690



Corporate Training Consultant....................................................... 1994 - Present


Has developed relevant teaching models to train students for success in school and professional environments. Identifies approaches of guiding students to recognize innovative and collaborative methods of using technology, equipping them to solve problems and succeed in a knowledge-driven society. Integrates theory and practice to demonstrate important objectives and create engaging learning involvement. Strives to empower students to take control of available technology and use it to enrich their opportunities. Currently delivering training and real-world knowledge from beginning to advanced levels including the following courses:














Familiar with the expectations of companies and establishments existing in a global society. Has skill consulting and training with numerous organizations. Creates relevant activities learners can associate with future business opportunities. Adept at crafting achievable learning goals relevant to the business world. Recognizes the importance of organizing, planning, and prioritizing tasks related to the delivery of training materials. Has consulted with and delivered training seminars for school districts in the counties of Anderson, Beaufort, Greenville, and Spartanburg, as well as many corporations including the following:





•  Carlson Compute

•  Milliken

•  Fluor

•  Kemet

•  Bausch & Lomb


•  Canal Insurance

•  CCT Business Training

•  Michelin

•  BMW

•  Guardian

•  Windstream

•  EuroKera

•  Verizon Wireless

•  Ikon Education Services

•  Mitsubishi

•  Charter

•  Nutra

•  Hubbel Lighting

•  Greenville Health System

•  Cryovac



•  Word

•  Excel

•  PowerPoint

•  Outlook

•  Publisher

•  Visio

•  Access

•  Expression Web

•  OneNote



•  Photoshop

•  Illustrator

•  InDesign

•  Dreamweaver

•  Muse Web Design

•  Acrobat

•  Creative Cloud

•  Graphic Design

•  Logo/Typography



•  Business Etiquette

•  Conflict Resolution

•  Effective Leadership

•  Professional Presentations

•  Customer Service

•  Team Building

•  Asking Questions

•  Emotional Intelligence

•  Active Listening


•  Currently:




•  Currently:


•  Currently:


•  Currently:




MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional, recognition awarded only to highly capable experts that demonstrate proven proficiency in technical training and Microsoft Office programs


Certified to teach various Microsoft Office products


Member of Microsoft Partners in Learning for Educators


Participant in Microsoft Teaching with Technology Achievement Training


Liberal Arts, North Greenville College


Business Studies, Limestone College


Business Management Degree, Greenville Technical College

Resume of Deborah Batson

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